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These are 29 songs under 2 minutes recorded over three years in chronological order. All are recorded in my bedrooms. All are written by me. All are about me. Me, me, me.


released June 27, 2013



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Track Name: Unsettled
someday, someone will look at you
look at you into your eyes and say,
"hey babe, let's get hitched!"
they'll give you a diamond ring and a big house
all the things that you're supposed to dream about
but, you won't want em at all
you'll look right back and say,
"I'm not the marrying kind. I just want to be alone.
I don't want to wake up to the same face every morn."
Track Name: Wild
in my wildest imagination,
you're there
and I finally do what I think.
cause yeah, I meant those kisses,
all those kisses on your hands.
oh yeah I finally do what I think.
cause there's those games I played and you strayed away
and there's that time I died and how you saved the day
and I don't know what I'm doing here, but I choose you
cause there are things that belong to you and me
Track Name: SHOOT DARN
don't want to tell you bout my night
don't want to tell you bout my life
don't want to tell you bout the last week I saw you
cause i'm the crap one here, yeah, I'm the bad one here it's me
don't want to hear about your heart
don't want to hear about your ache
don't want to hear about the last phone call
and how he's the only one, cause he's not the only for you
(drop down, turn around, put on your crown)
Track Name: Cake Sunglasses
stayed in my room till my walls turned blue
turned my face to the sky, turned my eyes to the moon
tell me, how do we begin and does this all end
tell me, how do we begin and does this all end
Track Name: 6th period
the day we stood on a bluff on the puget sound,
the sky opened up and the dark clouds came down
fish in the sky and the sun went way down deep
we stood close to the edge
but not too close it was too steep
Track Name: Lumber
will you hold my hand when the deck comes down?
can I grab your arms until the lumber hits the ground?
will you hold me up as it all comes down?
will you hold me up as it all comes down?
Track Name: Grounded
I'm writing off all those things caught between
though I'm spreading my skin thin, I won't be lost again
I am false and I am fickle, but, I am grounded.
And when you look for me at turning of the year, I'll be gone

A love that started far below the clouds
But, those clouds, they seem to dry if we reach up hard and try
There is light, there is warmth and there is comfort
And when you look to me, oh, it isn't hard to see,
There is love.
I feel loved.
Track Name: Hibernate
oh, we're not bears, so let's not hibernate.
no, we don't live in some big old cave with no light.
and if we stay in the dark and sleep away the day,
no, I won't see you in the morning
cause there won't be any morning
if we hibernate
Track Name: Last Step at the Church
I've been thinking and holding this feeling
of walking down the stairs thinkin there's one more step.
my feet feel the way hopin soon there'll be ground,
but, when that last step's not there, I might tumble and drown.
the things that we expect are those we often neglect
Track Name: Petite
how can I turn and say to you
that my life is a bore?
I turn to you and say it straight,
"I am so damn bored."

I am standing up and I will not be small
I am standing up and at last I will be tall
Track Name: you'd never see the day
well, what did I expect?
I won't be waiting silently.
and, and if you ask me where,
where I thought I'd be
It would not be here.
You wouldn't be my dear
I'd sail far away
You'd never see the day
Track Name: Smallheart
suppose I should stop thinking now
about the sad things that break my small heart
it's not small, it's too big, it's so damn big
Track Name: Sky Ceiling
sometimes the sky is too big a ceiling
we reach till we cry, we reach for no reason
Track Name: girlfriends
I want to see my girlfriends
Track Name: Ted Mosby
somehow, I got in my head, after a certain point,
if I don't get out of bed,
I don't have to pick up the phone,
I won't answer the door, even though I'm home
I'll just roll back, back to sleep
It won't matter if I get back on my feet.
Track Name: Wage My Own War
I don't know where I've gone in my head
It's like I've got a hundred rooms, it's like I've got a hundred beds
but, I'm still sleeping on my floor and when i look outside my door
It's like I've never seen this place, but, I've still been here before
from a distant shore

now I'm tracing the tracks I've gone down
running circles in my head, thinking 'bout what I've said
who have I been and who am I yet?
are there things to hold and things to forget?
things to regret?

there are facts I have known all my life
like, someday I will leave, but, I'm sure to come back
cause I'll miss those trees and all the dark green leaves
all the moss at my feet and the deep dark green breeze
bringing me down on my knees
giving me something to believe
Track Name: People Love Hearing That
if you miss someone, I think you should tell em
about the way you miss them
about the way you think of them
when you're on your own
no one to call home
cause don't everyone want to be missed?
Track Name: 14th ave NE
no, they don't spray for bugs down at the old cemetery
no I don't pray for the dead, no need to spray the dead
cause we went down to see our family names written on all those rocks
I got bug bites on my arms, I got em through my socks.
And it's a strange damn thing to see your name written on all those graves
Cause though I'm still too proud to pray, I'm not all that brave.
Track Name: Alone in a Lake
i used to imagine the day I'd live on a lake
surrounded by trees and moss and leaves
I'd swim everyday
but, over time the waters changed my mind
my thoughts seemed to warp and bend with time
i'd spend the days just floatin on my back
alone on my lake
I'd name the clouds and moons and count the stars
I'd even count the sun
but, over time, I'd start to float into space
in my time alone, I'd start to lose my grace
Track Name: Wind Shape
the other night, i saw the shape of the wind
a dark cloud of birds moved across the fadin blue sky
and nothing seemed to matter anymore
not glimpses through the fence or sneakin out the back door
Track Name: Barre Chords
i say i should learn some new songs
cause these old words, they don't make sense no more
nothing feels like before
and nothing feels like right now
Track Name: Trouble in Paradise
they say that sea air is good for your lungs
they say that the waves here will take your problems far away
nothing seems to go away
Track Name: leather bag
I always wondered if I lived in a place
where the sun shone year-round,
would I grow tired of the rays?
would I hide under a rock
build a house made of shade?

would my skin just off and leave
in rebellion, would it peel from my body?
would I turn into a leather bag
a pair of shoes or even a nice belt?

think I would need a cloud vacation,
I think I would long for the dark skies and days inside.
think I would need a cloud vacation,
I think I would long for the dark skies and days inside.
Track Name: 52
would it be too much if I called you up on the telephone?
what would I say if you answered
would I freeze or would I say hello?
say hello
Track Name: Filled In
open up and let the love just fill you in
Track Name: Arm Rest
I think I'm writing a love song
and I know that it tastes wrong
just to take it all in
you're just a part of my skin, skin, skin
Track Name: mood ring
I'm trying hard not to relive the past again
I'm trying hard not to become the girl I've been
I fall asleep in my mood ring
and when I wake, I don't feel a thing
I'm still playing the same old games
I'm still playing the same old games.
Track Name: Spring Thank Goodness
well, it's spring again and I can't help but compare
how I'm 100% better than last spring
Track Name: 53
how can it be that you're still hurting my feelings?
how can it be, cause it's been 200 years since you've been here?
since you been here...