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love song a day


released 22 February 2014



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Track Name: Tiny Trees
I'll take a plane on down the West coast
Sittin' in the window seat
Tiny trees and squares of farmland
Close my eyes you're by my side
And when I get there I will find you
I'll wrap you up inside my arms

I'm gonna bring you home
You're comin' home

And in our warm days in the city
Full of plastic flowers, bright
as you pack up I will stand by
and soak up all that sunlight
and where we're going it might seem dark
we'll have months of cloudy skies

But, I'll warm you up
I wanna be your sun

And on the last night at a party,
We'll wave goodbye to all your friends
Tiny paints and squares of color.
We'll blow them kisses from the road.
And for a moment, I will wonder,
Is this a place that you should leave?

I wanna find your home
We will build our home

And when we're driving north through tall trees
Holding hands in your pick-up truck
I'll see our future bright and clear there
In deep blue lakes reflecting sky
And in our future we are smiling
Full of overflowing light

We're goin' home
We're goin' home